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Xavier University of Louisiana for Education (XULA4ed) provides a free and open digital library to improve college affordability for students with free etextbooks and educational resources. Having free and immediate access to instructional resources will enable more students to enroll and succeed in more courses as they progress toward graduation in a timelier manner.

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Spotlight on Dr. Thomas Huckaba

Associate Professor, Biology
Xavier University of Louisiana

Dr. Huckaba is currently co-authoring an open-source introductory Biology series. Notice that it is not merely an “e-text” where students are asked to read pages 16-32 online instead of in a hard copy book. No, he and his team are making sure the students engage with the concepts and material from the beginning through projects and problems posed to them. This multi-media learning also features expert lectures, references and resources from women and minority scholars to ensure maximum inclusivity. Dr. Huckaba hopes to have the series ready next year sometime. We’ll be checking back with you in 2019 Dr. Huckaba! For more information, email thuckaba@xula.edu.

OER Week 2018 at XULA March 5-9, 2018


Monday March 5th

Podcast: Dr. Moustapha Diack on Open Educational Resources , Southern University Baton Rouge
Join the podcast at your convenience

Tuesday March 6th

Webinar: “Faculty Experiences on Teaching with OERs”, 11 am
Hosted in the Library Resource Center, 417B

Wednesday March 7th

Invited Faculty Panel: “Developing and Using OER – a XU Perspective”, 12 pm
Library Resource Center, 601; Boxed lunch served

Webinar: “Collaborating across Institutions to Advance OE”, 1pm Hosted in the Library Resource Center, 417B

Thursday March 8th

Student Workshop: Finding Affordable Textbooks and Supplemental Materials, 1 pm Hosted in the Library Resource Center, 417B; Light refreshements served

Friday March 9th

Website Reveal: “Meet xula4ed.org!”, 12:15-12:45 pm
Hosted online by Karen Nichols
Join the meeting

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